Handmade Candles

Meet Christina, the owner and candle artist at Candles and Suds! She offers friendly customer service and quality hand crafted candles and soaps~

Home of the clean burning candle, soap most sensitive skin can handle
Natural wax candles, all natural soap, air fresheners and more.
These candles are hand made in Rockford, IL with a custom blend of soy and palm waxes. The jars used are proudly made in the U.S.A.
After many hours of testing, these candles have been perfected to burn slow, even, and clean. You won’t be left with a soot coated jar! That means no soot on your walls or in your lungs either. Plus! When you re-light your candle, you won’t have soot on your hands!
Try one of the candles and experience what clean smells like! At candles and suds, soap is hand made the old fashion way with a process called saponification: an organic reaction which occurs when natural oils are mixed with lye. Saponification literally means “soap making” from the root word, “sapo”, which is Latin for soap.
Since this soap is all natural, your skin won’t be harmed by harsh chemicals, parabens, perfumes, or dyes. Our skin absorbs what we put on it and so it is best to stay away from harmful chemicals.
Everyone’s skin is different, some more sensitive than others. If you have sensitive skin, give natural soap a try, it may just be what your skin needs. If your skin is real sensitive, it may be best to go with a non-scented soap, without essential oils.

Candles and Suds is the home of the clean burning candle with soap most sensitive skin can handle.

Christina can be found locally on her FACEBOOK PAGE, and at some area local farmer’s markets and vendor events~her website is www.candlesandsuds.com


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